~ASMR~ Tingly Tapping and Scratching (by whispersweetie)

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I am convinced ASMR videos are the definitive art form for the new millenium


ASMR video of the day: Russian interview roleplay

(Binaural Beats) Sleep Aid Music for Insomnia (by EnlightenedEvolution)

Eye Doctor Role Play (by QueenOfSerene)

~ASMR~Make-up~Role-Play~ (by SoftWhisperings)

#181 - Ancient Egypt Facts & Stories (by AuroraWhispers)


I feel like a pedophile but in reality she’s older than me

Unboxing Plaisir Fountain Pen (by RelaxingASMR)

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FREE Sleep Session: Sound Sleep Now VOICE ONLY, Most Soothing Female Voice on the Internet (by Dapht29)

# 150 - *Soft Spoken* Turkish Bath Massage Relaxation (by WhisperCrystal)

This will always be one of my favorites.

#34 Dutch chitchat while doodling *soft spoken* (by Relaxingsounds92)